Privacy Policy including GDPR

Privacy Policy (January 2019)

Your personal data: how we collect, use, and protect it.

It is important to us that our customers trust us to handle personal data responsibly.  This document explains how we collect, use, and protect your personal data; it explains why we need your personal data, how we share it, and your rights.  Personal data protection laws control how we use personal data – for instance we must be transparent about how we collect and use your data.  These laws also give you rights, for instance to see the data we have collected about you.

Processing vs Controlling

The law requires us to tell you how we process your personal data.  Processing means anything we do with your personal data. For instance: collecting, gathering, obtaining, administering, adapting, keeping or deleting it.  Controlling is the act of making decisions about how to handle personal data.

The sort of data that we collect about you

The data we collect about you could include your name and contact details, the names of anyone staying on holiday with you, do you have pets, any other details you provide us connected with your holiday (e.g. questions asked, or comments made).  We are only interested in data which allows us to provide the Barns at Mullion (“the Barns”) for your holiday and any related services which we believe may make that experience the best it can be.

How do we collect it?

When you contact us directly to enquire about holidays at the Barns by telephone, email, online forms, or in writing.  If you contact us for the same reasons via any of the holiday advertising services which advertise on, those services may share your details with us.  We may discuss our services with clubs and associations such as rambler’s clubs or local hotels who believe that their members or customers would be interested in staying at the Barns.

How do use your data?

To communicate with you regarding your holiday and payment for it.  To keep you up to date regarding the Barns.  We may reasonably use your data to help improve our business, such as acting on your comments to make improvements and to understand our customers’ needs and requirements regarding their holiday.  We will only keep and use data relevant to these activities.

Who do we share your data with?

We may engage service providers to facilitate the smooth running of your holiday at the Barns.  This could include emergency plumbers who will need to know your name should they need to visit, or a local host if there needs to be interaction regarding for example the handover of keys or the replacement of white goods if we ourselves are not available.  We may be obliged to share data to comply with laws and regulations.

Sensitive Personal Data

We do not expect to request or receive sensitive personal data.

How We Contact You

We may contact you by email, letter, text, phone, in writing or any other means acceptable to you.  Please tell us at the time if you do not want to be contacted in a certain way(s) and we will update our records accordingly.

Length of Data Retention

We will delete your data seven years after your last booking or communication with us.  We will only keep your data longer than seven years to comply with laws and regulations.  Once you have made an enquiry about our services or made a booking with us or our agents, we will continue to contact you with relevant information unless you have asked us to stop contacting you.  This will cease after seven years in line with the previous comments under this section.


General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

What rights do you have under GDPR?

You have the right to know what information we hold about you, and the right to tell us what information we can and cannot use. Below is a short summary of your rights:

See what information we hold about you

To request a copy of the information we hold, please email us at and we will respond within 30 calendar days.

Accurate information

If you think we have got something wrong about you, let us know by email to so we can correct it.

Have your information in an easily-transferable digital format

You can ask us to send you the personal data that you have given to us, or you can ask us to transfer it to an organisation.  This is your right to data portability.  We will look to verify your identity to our satisfaction if you ask us to send your information to any destination that is different to the source of the information.

Request that we restrict, stop using, or erase your personal data

When you make a request, we must consider whether your personal data is still needed to provide our services, to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements, or if we have a legitimate interest in continuing to use the data.

Opt out of marketing

By contacting us at

Withdraw your consent

Sometimes we need your consent to process your data. If you have given consent, you can change your mind and withdraw it. (Except for information the law says we can or must process).

The Information Commissioner’s Office

If you have a complaint or concern about how we have handled your information and we have not been able to resolve it to your satisfaction, you have the right to raise a complaint with the ICO. Go to

Will you ever send my personal data outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”)?

There is no plan to do this.  We will only ever send your personal data outside the EEA if we know it will be protected.  Sometimes we might send your personal data to another country if, for example, our service provider has a data centre overseas. All countries within the EEA have broadly the same data protection laws.

How do you use my personal data?

We use your personal data to provide our services to you, and for other purposes which are necessary to run and to protect our business (known as ‘legitimate business interests’). E.g. developing our services. Sometimes we may process your personal data so we can understand more about you and other services that we think will be of interest to you (all in relation to holidaying at the Barns).

What do you mean by personal data?

When we talk about personal data, we mean any data that we collect or hold about you. That includes the data you give us when you make contact about booking a holiday.

How long do you keep my personal data for?

We keep your personal data for as long as we need to provide our services to you and for other legitimate business purposes, and for as long as we need to in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. This includes a period after your holiday has finished.

What will happen if you ever change my personal data?

From time to time, we might change how we use your personal data. If we think it is a change you would not expect, we will let you know.